Cover of Proposed Centennial Celebration Booklet

Proposed Centennial Celebration

A booklet with planning details for the centennial celebration, including the following:

  • Organization of the King’s Mountain Centennial Association
  • Correspondence between the Governors of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia
  • Act of the General Assembly of South Carolina, making appropriation to aid in the celebration
  • Resolution of the General Assembly of North Carolina, making appropriation to ad in the celebration
  • Joint resolution by the Virginia legislature, on the subject of the Battle of Kings Mountain
  • Historical Sketch of the Battle of King’s Mountain, prepared by Rev. Robert Lathan
  • Celebration of Washington’s birthday by the association
  • Oration of Col. Thomas Hardeman of Georgia
  • Presentation of the United States flag by the Charlotte and Atlanta Railway Company
Booklet is empty or it doesn't exist.
Cover of Proposed Centennial Celebration Booklet
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